A Final Look Back

At last, this momentous journey of learning to be literate in the 21st century has come to an end. During this quest to learn how to be literate in the 21st century, I have learned to write poetry, short stories, and essays, improve my skills in analyzing informational text, and studied a number of novels and a Shakespearean play. Not to mention, I also learned to be proficient in blogging and sharing information with the worldwide web.

Before I started this blog, I felt that I was already quite literate. I didn’t think that I needed to work on my writing skills or improve on any areas of literature like poetry, fiction, and drama. Not to mention I was confident in my essay writing skills, learned to analyze and write poetry, and had already studied Shakespearean plays in the past. So I thought to myself, “Why do I need to do this?”

Now that I am finally finished, I see the value of doing this blog and I feel that I am much more literate than I was than when the year began. I have grown more mature and the way that I think has changed. When I look back at how my reading, writing, and critical thinking skills were during the beginning of the year, I think that I was nowhere near as competent as I thought I was. When I compare myself to how I was then and how I am now, I think that I have made a giant leap in terms of my abilities to read and write. The skill that I have improved the most over the course of this year is definitely my essay writing skills. Before, I was able to write decent essays, but they lacked fluidity and substance. Although my essay writing is still not perfect, in my opinion, the flow of my writing and what I choose to write, as well as the overall quality of my essays have improved significantly. On the other hand, something that I still need to improve on is to become more literate with poetry. I still find it difficult to write meaningful poems with a variety of poetic devices that are interesting to read. In addition, I also have difficulty analyzing poems and getting meaning out of them, as well as finding underlying themes. Possibly, I could expose myself to more poetry to help me refine my literacy skills with poetry. Poetry is not something that I read very often, so I believe that reading more of it will definitely

As I’m writing this final reflection, I now realize the value of doing this blog. This blog helps me improve my literacy skills, allows me to see how I’ve progressed during the year, and helps me evaluate how I’ve been doing to show me what I need I still need to work on. Without a doubt, all of my literacy skills have improved during the course of the year. But, I will not stop here. Writing this blog has helped me open my eyes to the bigger picture. I considered myself to be very literate when the year began, but now I’m even more literate than I was before. So essentially, there is always room for improvement. After this blog, I will continue my quest to be a literate person. If my literacy skills improved during the course of this year, who’s to say that they won’t improve next year as well? I will not hold myself back by ceasing to learn. Hopefully, I will continue to grow as a literate person through my entire life.

To conclude the final post of this blog, I would like to thank all the people who have visited my blog. I put a great amount of effort into it over the course of the year, and I hope you enjoyed reading my posts and following me during my journey.