How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

           A fine friendship bracelet should look elaborately woven with a beautiful array of colours that complement each other and unite to form a wonderful bracelet. I learned how to make friendship bracelets at a summer camp called Camp Goodtimes when I was twelve years old. At this camp, all the campers and camp counsellors made cool friendship bracelets for each other. As a newcomer to Camp Goodtimes, I was intrigued by how popular friendship bracelets were, so I asked my camp counsellor, Greg, to teach me how to make friendship bracelets. After being a counsellor at the camp for five summers, Greg was a master at making friendship bracelets and was happy to teach me. Now, after attending Camp Goodtimes for four summers in a row and making hundreds of delicate friendship bracelets, I have also become an expert at making friendship bracelets.

            Before you make a friendship bracelet, you must think of someone to give it to. This person can be someone you’ve just recently met, someone that you want to become friends with, or even a long-time buddy. The first time I wanted to make a friendship, I wanted to give it to a close friend of mine at Camp Goodtimes, named Michael. For me, Michael was somebody that I thought deserved a friendship bracelet because he was he was a kind and funny guy and was one of the first friends that I made at Camp Goodtimes.  Once you determine who you want to give a friendship bracelet to, you are ready to begin crafting a marvellous friendship bracelet.

            To make a friendship bracelet, first you must choose three different coloured embroidery threads. When choosing colours, choose colours that go well together, such as contrasting colours or complementary colours. This will make the friendship bracelet more attractive. One time when I did this, I coincidentally chose all of the favourite colours of the person that I gave the bracelet to. If you know the person’s favourite colours, making a friendship bracelet out of those colours may be a good idea. Once you have chosen three colours, get a single thread that is 80 cm long for each colour. Hold all the strings together by one end, making sure that all the strings line up with each other, there are no strings that are twisted with other strings, and there are no knots in the strings. Then, while holding one end of the strings with one hand, grab the other end of the string, bring the two ends together, and tie a very small, tight knot using these ends. After that, get a safety pin and pierce through the centre of the knot with the needle of the safety pin. It is important that you pierce the centre of the knot, not the sides of the knot, because in a later step, the strings will be pulled and there could be a risk that the knot will be undone in the process. I remember one time near the end of the camp; I wanted to make friendship bracelets as quickly as I could for everybody that I met before the camp was over. All the people were so awesome that I thought that everyone deserved a friendship bracelet. I was so rushed that I accidentally pierced the knot one of the strings incorrectly, which later became undone and forced me to start over again.

            The next step to making a friendship bracelet is to pinch a small section of the fabric on your pants at a point three inches above your knee on the front side of your leg. With the needle of the safety pin still in the knot, pierce through the fabric of your pants that you just pinched, and fasten the safety pin to secure it. Now, you should have three large loops of strings. Hook the loops of each individual string with your fingers and your palm facing down so that there is one loop on your left middle finger, one loop on your right index finger, and one loop on your right middle finger, making sure that none of the strings are twisted or tangled. The next two steps describe the weaving process and are the most crucial steps of making the friendship bracelet. While pulling the strings with enough force so that there is no slack, put your unoccupied index finger through the top of the loop that is being hooked by your opposite index finger, hook your unoccupied index finger on the loop that is being held by the middle finger of the opposite hand, release the hook that was held by the middle finger, and pull your hands apart so that there is no longer slack, while maintaining your hold on the strings. With the hand that has only one loop of string, transfer the loop to the middle finger so that the middle finger is hooked onto the string, instead of the index finger. Repeat the last two steps until your fingers can no longer easily fit through the loops. Lastly, release your fingers from the loops of string. The friendship bracelet is finally complete. The next you meet the person that you want to give the friendship bracelet to, tie it around their wrist with a knot.

            To this day, I still remember the look on Michael’s face when I gave him the first friendship bracelet that I ever made. His face lit up like a bright shining star. Soon after receiving the friendship bracelet, Michael made a friendship bracelet for me as well. Many years have passed since the bracelet broke and fell of my wrist, but my friendship with Michael lives on.

            I like to make friendship bracelets because by giving someone a friendship bracelet, you show that you are the person’s friend. The friendship bracelet symbolizes the friendship that you have with the person and lets the person know that they mean something to you. When people receive my friendship bracelets, they feel special. In my opinion, making others feel special is the most rewarding part of making friendship bracelets.